Best Budget Speakers for PC

Without music, life would surely be a mistake. But like with most other important things, the quality of music is only as good as the system playing it. The quandary is that many PCs do not come with very reliable speakers, not to mention the petite built-in drivers that are found in most laptops. The good news is that you can significantly enhance your listening experience by investing in low cost quality speakers. Read on to discover how to find the best budget speakers for PC.

Surround sound, 2.1, or Stereo?

Surround sound basically means five to seven speakers integrated with a subwoofer; “2.1” involves a pair of speakers amplified by a subwoofer; while stereo speakers refer to a right and left speaker only. The subwoofer covers deep bass frequencies, typically below 100Hz. A good sub with a reasonable volume can add depth to orchestras, analog synths, bass guitars, kick drums, etc, and rumble to movie explosions.But there are certain stereo speakers that sound good even without using a subwoofer, especially because their woofers (drivers that are dedicated to low and low-mid frequencies below 1 KHz) can handle the bass response very efficiently.
Most desktop speakers are typically stereo pairs – only a few come with accompanying subwoofers. If you’re a serious gamer or cinephile, you want to invest in a 5.1 – channel surround system or higher, but you’ll have to suffer the additional cost and inconvenience of organizing all the extra speakers. It is also worthwhile to consider one piece solutions, such as Razer’s Leviathan sounbar, which is packed with a separate subwoofer.

Music recording

If you’re a musician and are looking to record your own music, go for a pair of studio monitor speakers that don’t hide flaws in the sound, which could show up on your listeners’ systems, and ensure they represent your work as truthfully as possible. The KEF X300A and Audiengine 5+ are excellent examples in this instance, although they are much costlier than other focused speaker systems.And wireless?
Wireless speakers can come in handy if you are prone to moving around when using your PC. Many speakers now come with Bluetooth, with some even being compatible with AirPlay and other WiFi audio standards.

Relevant examples

+Creative Inspire T12 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System with Bass Flex Technology.This is a two-speaker system courtesy of Creative Labs that comes with slim, trendy black speakers, and integrated BassFlex technology that extends low frequency without having to use a separate subwoofer.

+Genius SW-G2.2 1250 2.1This is a four-piece gaming speaker that includes a separate subwoofer, two satellite speakers, and a controller. General features:*Headphone jack*Standard input jack (used with a separate MP3 player)*2 RCA inputs to connect with a separate DVD or game console

+JBL Pebbles Plug and Play Stereo Computer speakers.Undeniably, the most attractive thing about this package is its unique outlook and clean appearance. The 2 small speakers feature a 70Hz – 20kHz frequency response, giving it a nice low to high response ratio in a tiny package.

+Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers.You can always expect quality sound from most Bose products, and this one boasts the company’s signature engineering, using exclusive signal processing to produce reliably full and clear sound at any volume.

Bottom line

Everyone has their own audio preferences when it comes to bass, mids, and highs. Different people also have different music genre preferences. As such, it is always wise to test a speaker system before purchasing it. Those are just a few tips and considerations for choosing the best budget speakers for PC. Thank you for popping by the site, and all the best!