Bluetooth and Fool Proof!

In this current age of technology, the options on the market can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start. Looking for a high quality bluetooth speaker? Check out these five best ranked bluetooth speakers so far in 2016!

Sony SRS-X5hqdefault

Find the Sony SRS-X5 wireless speaker at a 60 percent reduced price of $79.99 on or

  • This Bluetooth speaker carries refined sound with strong, improved bass for up to eight hours of battery life.
  • The Sony SRS-X5 includes built-in speakerphone functionality,
  • a USB charging port, and NFC (Near Field Communication) tap-to-pair technology.
  • However, its low price does not come without some sacrifices. The SRS-X5 is best suited for indoor use and sounds better when connected to its AC adaptor for power. The discernible sound of the speaker’s DSP (digital signal processor) has been noted with increased volume.

JBL Flip 3download (1)

JBL’s third generation model offers new and improved features such as splash-proof design and a better battery life.

  • For $100, the JBL Flip 3 produces quality sound at a reasonable price.
  • The Flip 3 includes versatile orientation with both vertical and horizontal options.
  • Simplistic in its design, the Flip 3’s end button doubles as the pause/play button with a double tap feature to skip the track forward and a triple tap feature to skip the track backward.

The speaker is additionally equipped with a built-in noise and echo canceling speakerphone. For amplified sound, link the JBL Flip 3 with other JBL-connect enabled speakers.

Bose SoundLink Mini445020-bose-soundlink-color-inline

At $199, the Bose SoundLink Mini may not be the most financially conservative option, but the price certainly matches the caliber of this speaker.

  • The SoundLink Mini is trim and sophisticated, but also very user-friendly. Its simple design and clearly labeled buttons makes it ideal for all listeners.
  • The SoundLink Mini can remember up to six different devices, each of which only needs to be synced once.
  • The device will automatically pair again with the speaker when in range and stream wireless audio from everything from smartphones to any Bluetooth enabled PC appliance.

The speaker does not charge through a USB port, but includes its own AC adaptor. For non-Bluetooth devices, there is an auxiliary input on the side of the speaker. If the Bose SoundLink Mini is within your budget, its only major drawback is its lack of speakerphone capabilities.

UE Boom 2wpid-dsc_0625_1-1024x683

The UE Boom 2 is another upscale Bluetooth speaker for a similar price of $200.

  • While former UE models have been water resistant, the Boom 2 is fully waterproof, as well as drop resistant from up to five feet.
  • Though compact in size, the Boom 2 produces powerful sound, its top volume 25 percent louder than previous versions.
  • The speaker also includes gesture controls. For instance, you can tap the top of the speaker to pause your music and double tap to skip.
  • Another new feature is the ability to connect or disconnect the speaker’s power through the app.

With strong battery power and strong wireless range, the Boom 2 offers high quality sound and strong durability, making it a strong candidate among Bluetooth speakers.

Harman Infinity OneDSC07798-620x413

The Harman Infinity One is quite ambitious at $300, but remember the old adage: you get what you pay for.

  • What you’re paying for here is bold sound and a stylish exterior.
  • With brushed aluminum coating paired with black grip coverage, the Harman Infinity One is certainly built for aesthetic as well as function.
  • Strategically placed passive radiators act to emphasize the speaker’s sound quality and give it wide range.
  • However, unlike many other Bluetooth speakers, the Infinity One is set solely for horizontal orientation.
  • The exterior design is not built for extensive durability; the paint is likely to chip if the speaker is scraped or scratched. This makes the Harman Infinity One less of a portable option and better for stationary use.Before purchasing a Bluetooth speaker, you should definitely put in some time doing research in order to determine exactly which speaker is best suited to your needs as well as your budget. Keep in mind that just as the quality goes up as the price increases, the quality will go down as the price decreases.

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