Best Budget Speakers for Home Use

A good home theatre system will always be determined by the kind of sound it produces; so do most radios and vinyl players. Finding good speakers apart from the main music system can be a real pain thanks to the thousands flooding the market. A good speaker, however, does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are many budget speakers in the market today that will still pack a punch. This also depends on the quality of sound you are looking for. Speakers in the market have come with a wide range of features. Bluetooth speakers, surround speakers, stereo speakers and a combination of all these are some of the options available. Here are some pocket-friendly options you can consider for your beloved music player.

The Monoprice 8247

This is a 5.1 speaker which includes four satellite speakers that have swivel wall-mounts, compact powered 8-inch subwoofer and a center channel. Here are some other things you should know about the Monoprice 8247:monoprice_8247_43lug

  • Monoprice 8247 speakers provide one of the cheapest options while providing you with good quality sound.
  • The 5.1 surround speakers come with four small two-way speakers, a center channel and an 8-inch Subwoofer.
  • The smaller speakers also come fitted with swivel wall mounts for an ideal home set-up.
  • The fact that they are multipurpose also makes them ideal for most music players ranging from home theatres to impel CD players. They are an awesome choice as long as you do not expecting to bring down walls.

What makes this speaker stand out is its affordability. It is easily affordable for its features.

The Q acoustics 3020download

This speaker is highly suitable for music lovers who want to enjoy full performance, great quality in small and medium sized rooms. Here are some other qualities of the Q acoustic 3020 that you should be aware of:

  • These European made speakers cost less than $180 providing a reason to smile.
  • The speakers come with a floor stander, two stand mounters, a centre and a subwoofer.
  • The well-layered speaker provide well-staged sound that can compete with more expensive options.
  • The gloss white finish provides a classy look for your home beside the good sound.
  • The mid/bass material has been recently improved to Kevlar, a mix of paper and mica mix to give a more natural sound.
  • The diaphragm has also been improved to improve the quality of the dome design and the ring radiator.


The Boston Acoustics Soundware XS5.1B 5.1

  • The small speakers are a source of incredible sound making them one of the best surround speakers.They are currently going for $290.
  • They come with a”
  • dome tweeter and a 21/2”
  • bass driver.
  • The woofer is graphite injected providing more bass amplification power.
  • The woofer has 250 watts peak power fitted with basstrac circuitry tech to keep off distortion. You should not expect miracles with these speakers but they will do the trick for perfect home use.

Fluance Surround Sound Home Theatrefluance-sxhtb-5-speaker-surround-sound-home-theater-system-48

  • This 5 speaker system provides really good sound at $249. The budget speaker is a welcome home edition for you home theatre.
  • It comes with 4” poly coated midrange drivers fitted with butyl rubber. These provide a powerful punch from the 6.5”
  • woofer with minimal distortions.
  • The dome tweeter is made of 1”
  • titanium that is ferrofluid cooled for more natural sound thanks to high-frequency response. The sound system attracts a life warranty in most stores making it a must have addition in the home.


There are many more options in the market when it comes to budget speakers that will suit your taste. The best will be a combination of good sound and budget. Ensure that you go for speakers with minimal distortions at high frequencies. The best way to pick one is, of two courses; test them if you are ordering at a store physically.

Getting the Best Speakers 2016 would not only help you get the best out of your music and movies, it would also help you to be aware of certain things that are important in your speakers. However, to get the best speaker, you would have to consider certain things like the surround, whether Bluetooth or airplay, whether wireless or unwire less. The information provided above would also help you to notice things that you need in purchasing a good speaker system at a low budget.

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